Baby, Rest Your Head​-​-​Single

by Perry Ritter

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Another sweet little lullaby.


released September 8, 2011

Guitars and vocals--Perry Ritter




Perry Ritter Lexington

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Acoustic-ish music.

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Track Name: Baby, Rest Your Head
Baby, rest your head against the clouds
Hold my hand and push off of the ground
Lay you down and keep you safe and sound
Kiss your mouth and never let you down

Verse 1:
Hope and pray that time away will be
Soft and sweet and faster than this sleep
But rest your head and come away with me
I’ll still be right beside you in our dream

Chorus x1

Verse 2:
I watch you breathe and how it makes me want
To be the victim of your every thought
To be at every end and every start
To love you ‘till our days are naught

Chorus x1

Verse 3:
I hold you close and whisper in your ear,
“My love will take away your every fear”
‘Cause, baby, I will always draw you near
And sing until there’s nothing left to hear

Chorus x1